Welcome to the Home of

The BTB Squash Coaching Academy!

We would like to welcome you to our world of coaching. Your decision to investigate our website indicates that you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Before you continue, I suggest that you view my “Nicks in Squash” demo CD to get a better insight of what you need to do to achieve your squash goals.

Nick’s in Squash Interactive Coaching CD

Watching and listening to ‘Nicks in Squash® CD’ will give you a better insight to this wonderful game of squash.                                                                                       To find out more please click here

“Squash is a contest where the physical battle is an important part of the sport but not an overwhelming one”

This invitation to tour our website is just a first step as we begin to cover information we hope will help you make your choices of whether you wish to play social squash, provincial squash or become a professional. You may have questions and this small tour is not designed to answer them all but to encourage you to interact with me where we can discuss the details in depth.

Squash for the Olympics. We will keep on trying because Squash players never give up!! 

I am seeking to associate myself with people of quality and ambition… people who are open to good work ethics and are excited, thrilled and energized by the possibilities of success.