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All squash players occasionally suffer with sore feet. If you will insist on picking up every ball, what can you expect? However there are a few tips that may prevent problems. If in doubt seek medical attention from your GP, a chiropodist or podiatrist. Warm up before you begin playing flat out. Use SQUASH SHOES rather than general purpose trainers. For further information see ‘How to select squash shoes’ in my Section on ARTICLES.

Do you want to improve your game of squash? You can with our great selection of high performance and durable squash shoes from leading brands such as Salming, Eye and Yonex, designed to give fantastic grip and support.

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BTB Squash proudly support the covid 19 Protocols

We are vaccinated and your safety is Our priority.

Your responsibility is to ensure that you wear you protective clothing and be Covid Safe.

Remember to wear your masks too and from training and sanitize!

We do have masks available for purchase.

We have our very own specially designed training mask, be sure to check our online shop for ordering details

Click Here for Our Mask Catalogue

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