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I would like to play social squash but have never picked up a racket in my life…

Before I assist you with your question, I would like to tell you a little story about when I started playing squash. I began squash in 1977 while at Wits at the age of 22 purely by accident. Having to pay my own way through varsity and pay my own res, I was pretty frustrated. One evening, I wanted to pack everything up when a colleague of mine saved me from quitting. He gave me a little racket that looked like a lolly pop and a miniture tennis racket and asked me to have a game with him.  My question to him was, “where on earth do we play tennis at 9 o’clock at night?” Well af course he explained that it was not tennis but squash and the game is played in a room with lights on. All I remember was that he thrashed me and my frustrations were redirected to, “how can i play this game better”. Well the rest is history. I fell in love with the game of squash and whoever I met, irrespective whether he wass fat, thin, tall, short, fast or slow, I asked, “do you play squash”. If the answer was “yes” then I would say, “When can we have a game” and if the answer was “no” then I would say, “Good, I’ll teach you”. If you want to play squash you need to mix with squash players. Where do you find squash players of all sizes and all playing standards. Naturally at a squash club. My first suggestion is to join a club near you and meet squash members. Enter the club championships and I guarantee that you will meet your match somewhere along the way. As you get better you will automatically atract better players. Taking a few lessons will not hurt either as you will be taught good basics such as the grip, racket swing and movement. Bad habits are hard to do away with. These are the basic requirements as you will perform them everytime you move to make connection to the ball. Good habits are a prerequisite so starting on the correct footing is a good thing. My second suggestion is to get a good pair of squash shoes, a cheap racket that does not feel too light or too heavy when you hold it and naturally a ball. Get some good advice from the club coach regarding a good pair of shoes. (see article- How to select  shoes). My third suggestion is, ‘NEVER BE SCARED TO ASK FOR A GAME!’ You will be pleasantly suprised. Good luck!

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