EYE Racket Pro Series X Lite 120


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The Maestro

Used and endorsed by 4 times world champion Amr Shabana, if it’s good enough for the best, you already know this racquet is one that you can trust.

At first glance

A smart black and white colour scheme that features a classy burst of purple. It catches your eye without blinding you, and if colour coordination is important to you, it will match well with most of your squash outfits!

The X.Lite 120 uses a traditional frame shape, featuring a bridge. In the past, I have mentioned my preference of the teardrop head shape, but as stated at the beginning of this post, this racquet may have just swayed me in the other direction…

In hand feeling

The moment you try a practice swing you will feel how responsive this racquet is. The X.Lite 120 is also ever so slightly head heavy which allows you to get some weight behind your shot, meaning power is very much still an option. 

I also believe that I have found a new love for the Eye PU grip that comes with the racquet, it is soft but not too soft and is very grippy even in a sweaty hand! After using Karakal PU super grips since I started the sport, I think it may be time for a change…

Making contact with the ball

A very generous sweet spot is provided by the 14×18 string pattern and larger head size (490cm2), giving access to a terrific balance of power and control.

With a feathery light frame weight of 120 grams, the racquet is perfect for whipping fast, deceptive shots at the last second to fool your opponent. Alternatively, this can also act as ‘a get out of jail free card’ when retrieving difficult shots from the front of the court, using a bit of wrist, you can flick it high and deep to get out of trouble.

It took me a second to realise why I found it so easy to retrieve shots that were tight to the side wall. The X.Lite 120, like all of Eye’s racquets, doesn’t actually come with a bumper! Although there is a slight increase  in the risk of the frame cracking, I would personally say that the reward outweighs the risk, especially as retrieving tight shots could mean the difference between winning and losing!

Final thoughts: the X.Lite 120 is absolutely ideal for any player looking to control and feel the ball, without losing the ability to strike the ball when needed! It is very clear why this racquet is used by one of the best players of all time.

Alex Robertson

Written by Alex Robertson