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Nick’s in Squash® Interactive coaching CD for all levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Watching and listening to ‘Nicks in Squash® CD’ will give you a better insight to this wonderful game of squash.

What do others say about “NICKS IN SQUASH’®?

S.A Squash – The users will be intricately involved in their own specific personal program…for all ages and all levels in skill, mental and fitness.

• Dunslaz – It’s exciting, it’s Dynamic

• Glenn Whittaker – (SA player of the decade) Having traveled abroad, I needed a support system. Nicks In Squash is a support system… FANTASTIC!

• Graham Prior – Brings together a large amount of information in a practical and user freindly way… MAGIC!

You now know how much it costs to get it,
what would it cost you if you don’t have it?

Whether ‘Nicks in Squash CD’ is for yourself or for your child or a gift for a friend, what price would you pay for success? Success cannot be measured in rands and cents, but in the time and effort one puts in to achieve that success. ‘Nicks in Squash CD’ is a unique and user-friendly support system as it is able to educate you in all areas of your squash.

The controlling force in all human behavior is the one thing that drives you, the one thing that makes you get up and go. Then, why are most players not successful or have not attained the success? One sees success and one say’s, “he was born with the talent” and one sees failure and one say’s, “He did not put enough effort”. The real reason here is pain. One does more to avoid pain then do something extra to gain pleasure from the pain of training correctly. ‘Nicks in Squash CD’ is based on this principle, the principle of the two forces, pain and pleasure.

Once you have acquired this dynamic coaching CD, you will have success at your fingertips. Listening to the interview with Glenn Whittaker the S.A. player of the decade, the general information will give you enough knowledge of what you need to do to become more flexible, faster or more powerful and more skilled.

  • Chapter 1 covers the equipment that is necessary to play squash.

  • A large % of ones success is mental which is covered in chapter 2

  • The largest of the chapters being chapter 3, which covers the training session, namely out of season, pre-season and in season training.

Periodisation is part of the training program supplied, which includes your own weekly and periodised program. This works out your daily needs on little training cards, which you can laminate and put in your squash bag.

Included is your personal mental assessment that will help you to identify your emotions while playing a match and then your very own mission sheet that you can print out, and paste in your room or office so that you can see it on a daily basis. You can view routines on video clips, which are categorized, simple, average and advanced.

  • Chapter 4 covers on and off court training that assists you in becoming more powerful in areas other than on the court.

Do you run 3 km or 10km and why? Do you jog or do you sprint and why? Do you exercise with heavy weights or lightweights and which weight is suitable for you?

  • Chapter 5 covers nutrition. What do you eat and when?

  • Chapter 6 covers injuries, the type of injuries, the most common injuries and children and injuries.

  • Chapter 7 and 8 covers females, girls’ parents and children in squash. Is your child talented or not?

Can a child that is not talented be destined not to succeed? What are the do’s and don’ts of parents? What is your duty as a parent to help your child blossom? What is failure? What is your duty as a squash player? What are your needs? What heights do you want to reach?

If you have never read the rules you will now have the rules by clicking on the section squash rules and in seconds confirm your greatest fear, “did I make the right decision when I gave a let or a stroke”.

  • Chapter 9 is the coach’s poem…“A SQUASH PLAYERS DREAM”

The need to become faster more explosive and more skilled technically, was the initial reason ‘NICKS IN SQUASH’ was compiled.
I ask you again, what price would you pay for success… ‘NICKS IN SQUASH’ IS YOUR PRICELESS SUPPORT SYSTEM!!

“Repetition is the mother of skill and Fitness is the ability to do more.”

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