Tecnifibre Black Edition Squash




The Tecnifibre Black Edition Squash Racket is an excellent racket for beginners because it has good all-around playing characteristics: it’s easy to play with and offers both sufficient power and control. The frame is made of graphite and aluminum and is therefore extremely strong. The balance point is at the bottom of the frame and this makes the racket very maneuverable. The Tecnifibre Black Edition has a large racket head of 500 cm2 and weighs 190 grams. The frame is solid and the weight gives high swing through for power. A really nice starter racket from Tecnifibre. In a formidable and slender composite construction, this squash racket definitely appeal to the beginner who appreciate quality in first racket. The Racket benefits of being strung with Tecnifibres Synthetic Gut 1.25 String by default.