The Thenar Grip-Assist®


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The Thenar Grip-Assist®

Its NEW and its FANTASTIC. The Thenar Grip-Assist…..the coaches dream tool. Perfect IMG_0004to the T. Save money, save time and get your results quickly and efficiently and move on to the more important areas of development. I quote from the book, ‘Murder in the squash court’, by Jonah Barrington;

“Lets start with the grip. I changed my grip in 1969, which meant that I’d had The right way to hold the racket handle five serious years of habit-forming activity with my old style,  during which I’d won a lot of events. But Nasrullah Khan always maintained, despite this apparent success, that my grip was not right. Eventually, he said, it would have to go.”

It took Jonah three months to replace the old grip to the new and went on to win another four of his six British open titles. Now, why must the racket be held correctly and not held like one holds a hammer? Holding the racket incorrectly does not allow the same degree of control on the forehand. The index finger, which would otherwise act IMG_0001as a ‘control’ down the handle, is lost inside of the thumb. One loses that extra control on the forehand swing and one loses that feel and touch which the index finger normally provides as some of the ‘signals’ are not there. Another disadvantage is that the hammer grip is intense as one clutches on the handle. The flexibility aspect to create the ‘whip’ feel is absent which creates more strain on the forearm and elbow area. In the long term this would create tennis or golfers elbow. By strapping the Thenar Grip-Assist correctly on the handle early in a players career, it will assist the player to conform to the correct grip within minutes. The Thenar Grip-Assist is the perfect tool as it keeps the grip intact as if one is shaking hands which disallows the hand to move or rotate on the handle thus forming that physical and mental indentation that is so necessary. Holding the racket with the correct grip will give one much more control over the racket thus placing the ball where necessary. After all,  is it not  exactly that what all squash players are trying to achieve?

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