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What are the benefits of video analysis?

Video analysis is the method by which coaches and players review video footage of practices and games. Seeing is believing so one can’t change what one can’t see. Is the game a dash and bash or a cat and mouse, smart shot, thinking game? Reviewing video footage is a staple for sports like squash. The player needs to view footage of the squash framework to improve the players’ performance or to prepare them for matches against future or vs. same opponents. This was Nick Mathews response when interviewed after his close 3-0 win in the quarter finals against Fares Dessouki, the 19 year old sensation, from Egypt.  “I watched him play this week and I did my homework”. Why should Nick Mathews, a Nr 1 in the world, do his homework against a Nr 55 and 19 year old? Video analysis does not take the place of a coach, but rather the coach and the pupil work together towards a common goal. Is video analysis essential? Absolutely! BTB Video analysis poster

Correct Form:
There are many different coaching methods for getting a player to perform a skill correctly. To tell players what they are doing wrong and how to correct them will be time consuming. In my 28 years of coaching I strongly believe that the best way to improve technique is to show players and then get them to do it repetitively. This reminds me of the painter that said, “If I could say it there would be no need to paint it”. If a player is shown a video of how to perform a certain skill correctly over and over again, it will help to correct technique. Using a video for this purpose can save a coach from having to do the motion perfectly many times in order to show a player.

Room for Improvement:
On a personal level, I was a pole vaulter in my youth. In fact the 1980 Olympic games was in my sight. Why was I not there? That’s a subject for another day but I can tell you this, Pole vaulters moved from the magical 18 feet to 20 feet clearance in a short space of time. Why? Simple, coaches are able to now place a camera in line with the crossbar. By watching a video recording of a players performance in a squash match or training session , a player can see a variety of affects. In contrast, a player might not be able to heed the advice of his coach if he cannot visualize what he is doing wrong, and may persist in performing a squash skill incorrectly. Seeing video footage of a mistake  or a strength gives a player an opportunity to internalize the need to improve or keep doing what is necessary in a particular area. This is because the video does not lie.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Squash coaches can often be seen watching hours worth of match footage of pupils and opponents. This helps coaches to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents and form a game plan. For example, if a coach notices that one side of an opponent’s defense tends to be stronger than another, the coach may run offensive plays that target the weak side. Coaches can use this information to decide on both offensive and defensive strategies. I may not be able to improve your game overnight, but, overnight, I will identify your weaknesses.  Once the weakness is identified then the work to correct them begins to change them into strengths.

Injury Progression:
Video analysis in sports does not just have to pertain to what happens on the court. Injuries happen in sports, and it is important for players to recover as quickly and as fully as possible before returning to playing. By analyzing video of the training and rehabilitation of a player, a coach can determine the stage of recovery the player has reached. If a player is still favoring an injured leg or ankle, he may need to be kept from jogging and running drills for additional time to make sure there is no chance for re-injury.

 Cost of a video analysis:

Join OnForm now and see yourself improve. (further information will follow soon of how you can go about joining OnForm)

Analyzing the swing: – 
This is a video clip of the swing playing the different shots. This covers the grip, the preparation and the  trajectory of the swing. The clip is analyzed and uploaded on Hudl and sent to you for feedback.
Analyzing a match:- 
This is a video of a full match from beginning to end. The match must neither be too easy nor too pressurized.  The match is analyzed and uploaded on Hudl and sent to you for feedback. (Special package now on promotion – see BTB Video analysis poster. )
Video analysis on all 6 shots: –
This is a video clip on all six shots from different angles. The shots are analyzed and uploaded on Hudl and sent to you for feedback.
Video analysis on movement: –                                                                                                                             Areas covered are, movement to the front corners, movement to the back corners, movement side to side, movement back to the T from the front and from the back corners and split step. The movement is analyzed and uploaded on Hudl and sent to you for feedback.

All the reviews are sent to you via the HUDL app for you to view at your leisure on your iOS operating system or emailed to you to view on your Android. 

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